My dear children of our Lord, Peace is yours. Peace is within you. Waiting to be 
felt. Waiting to be experienced. Waiting to be set free. Be silent. Be silent as 
often and for as long as you can. For it is in the stillness, that we can listen 
to our hearts. Quiet the mind, and listen to the heart. The heart is where peace 
resides. Call for me. I want to help. We are one. I love you. Mary


Dear children, This is the time to make peace. With yourselves, with your neighbors, friends, family members. This will help you. This will help your hearts. This will help to heal your hearts. A small gesture. A small token. A small word or a conversation can make a big difference to you in your life, as well as to that someone else. Start small. If you need help, call me. It is a time for peace. Let’s make a ripple effect with that. It sounds simple because it is. I love you. Mary


Dear children, Love is a powerful force, yes, the most powerful force in the universe. Another powerful thing is hope. Hope can expand you in such a way as to allow for other grand things in your life. Like love. So let’s all look for Hope today. Find it in a tiny shred of something. Find a tiny shred of hope and let that hope grow. For whatever we focus upon, shall grow. It is a beautiful thing, hope. It is what sustains us when there is little else. Hope springs eternal. So find a little bit. If you cannot, ask me. I will assist you. In glory and hope.
I love you. Mary


Dear Children,
We are one in God’s glory. Notice God’s grace all around you. In the sky, in the breeze, in a child’s eyes. God is alive and well in every living thing. And we are all connected. Making us all one. We are together at this time to usher in a new reality. Notice God in all and help it along. Take the time to breathe and look around. Notice something, anything that pleases you and focus on it. Focus with the breath and the heart. You will feel peace. I love you. Your beloved Mother Mary.


My children of our Lord, the Christ consciousness is coming to earth. Like a wave. This is a very beautiful time to be alive. You can be a part of this if you so choose. Choose peace, choose love, choose forgiveness. This is how it will begin. And your life can be transformed. You will be assisted; led. For it is time for humanity to move into a greater understanding of the most powerful force in the universe… the power of love. Humanity was not ready when my Son walked here. We are ready now. Breathe in peace. Breathe out love. We are one.

Your beloved Mother, Mary


My children of our Lord. I come through at this time to bring peace. Even if you only feel one moment of peace when reading my words, this peace will have a ripple effect that is unseen by you. But can nonetheless effect the planet in a positive way. Feel what I am about to say.

You are love. You are loved. You are created in God’s likeness. God is in you. We are one in God’s glory.



As we prepare for the upcoming holiday, let us remember to love. Let us remember to be kind. To be patient. To¬† use kind words. To do kind deeds. To love and cherish those beloved. To notice God’s glory in everything. To breathe in life force energy. To give thanks to almighty God. We are one in his glory. World without end. Amen.


Spread peace on earth. Be peace on earth. Live peace on earth. Don’t concern yourself with trivial matters. Concern yourselves with the love in your heart. Breathe into the heart. Draw upon the love that resides there. And live in that love. It takes a little practice. That is all it takes.

Peace and love to you, my dear children of God. I love you.

Your beloved Mother, Mary