Dear Ones, When we follow our hearts, truly follow our hearts desire, we can live a life beyond our wildest dreams. The first step is to heal your hearts. This is something that many get stuck on. Ask for help. Forgive yourself. And let God help you. It is a beautiful time on planet earth. Many are doing just this. Healing their hearts, turning to God, and then being amazed at what unfolds. I love you. Mary


4-25-14 Peace

Dear Ones, Sometimes, we can get to a point where our dominant state is peace. It doesn’t mean there won’t be upsets or ruffled feathers. However, when you can achieve a state of peace as your dominant state, you can and will approach life in a much different way. It will be glorious. I love you. Mary¬†

4-24-14 Nature

Dear Ones, Don’t underestimate the positive effects that spending time in nature can have. Nature can revive you, body, mind and spirit. It can refresh your soul, change your perspective, lift your spirits. Mother nature’s beauty is endless. The joy it can bring forth in you can be endless too. Let us all love our Mother Earth. I love you. Mary

4-20-14 Possibilities

Dear Ones, Please remember that anything is possible. If you need help with some situation in your life, ask for assistance. Open your heart. Ask with your heart. Believe and receive. Miracles are possible. Love is very powerful in the process of asking, believing, and receiving. All of your prayers are heard. God loves all of his beautiful children. I love you. Mary 

4-19-14 Renewed

Dear Ones, I am filled with excitement and joy. Many are remembering my son Jesus the Christ, and feeling renewed by his message of love! It is very beautiful. The Christ Consciousness is also known by other names; the Buddha Consciousness, the love consciousness, etc. it’s all the same. It’s all about LOVE! The most powerful force in the universe. Feel it, spread it, live it. I love you. In infinite glory. Mary


Dear Ones, We are one in God’s infinite glory! There is so much love all around you. So much to be grateful for. So much to be in awe over. So many amazing spirits in human form, paving the way for peace. Musicians, artists, everyday people who are making a difference for the entire planet with their love and light. Bringing hope, love, forgiveness in the face of fear. I love you, all of my children. Choose peace, choose love, choose forgiveness. Let’s change the world together. I love you. Godspeed. Mary

4-16-14 Peace

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. When you feel peaceful and well and centered, this is infectious. You make others feel peaceful and calm also. Give your worries to God and the angels. Trust in God. Be at peace and be an example of peace and faith to others. Many are searching and struggling. Be an anchor for peace in the world. I love you! Mary

4-15-14 Time Out

Dear Ones, If you can give yourselves a “time-out” it will be most valuable for you. If you can take a day for yourself, nothing on the calendar, no obligations to fulfill, this can give you a new perspective. Listen to the rain. Watch the sunset. Sit and do nothing. Empty yourself so you can get in touch with your spirit. It’s a beautiful thing. I love you!

4-14-14 Live from Spirit

Dear Ones, do whatever you can for yourselves in order to remain centered. Quiet alone time, prayers, time in nature, exercise. Take care of yourselves. Show others the way to live from spirit, by living from spirit yourselves. Be at peace. It’s a beautiful feeling. And it’s within each of you. I love you! Mary

4-13-14 God

Dear Ones, I am your mother in God. Wanting only to guide, love and protect. I also wish to lead you to God, almighty creator. God’s love is beyond description. But even if you are only able to feel a tiny fraction of it, you know that it is real. God shows his love for you in many ways on the physical plane. Ask him to show you how much he loves you, and be open to receiving this love. In love and glory, Mary