6-28-14 Shifts

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. Do you feel the shifts taking place on the Earth? Do you feel yourself releasing old emotions, old burdens? Do you feel lighter, freer, less troubled? Do you understand that the world is changing, ascending? It is beautiful, glorious. It is time. Many struggle with changes. They are for the better for earth. In infinite glory. Mary


6-26-14 Comfort Zone

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. Many times, when we step out of our “comfort zones” it can be amazing. We can discover things about ourselves which we hadn’t known. Likes, dislikes, inspirations, loves! Remembrance of things we once enjoyed or loved. All of this from changing our routines, pushing ourselves, or opening our minds to something new. Sometimes this is simply born out of necessity. And, oh how glorious it can be! I love you. Mary

6-27-14 All is Well

Dear Ones, I am with you always. I am in the toddler’s eyes. I’m outside the coffee shop at a table under an umbrella. I’m in the breeze that blows your hair, and the clouds of different shapes. I’m all around you, and in you too. As is God. We are one. I realize this is an abstract concept to many of you. But it is true nonetheless. Slow down and feel my peace and feel my comfort. Feel the divine, and know that all is well. I love you. Mary

6-24-14 Beauty Surrounds

Dear Ones, The world is such a beautiful place. So much beauty abounds in nature! Everyday a sunrise and a sunset. Some so magnificent a picture cannot capture it. So many glorious things in nature. So many creative inventions, works of art, loving gestures. So many beautiful ideas, thoughtful people, heartfelt words. Let’s focus on GOOD! Good and beauty. I love you. In infinite glory. Mary

6-23-14 Example of Peace

Dear Ones, Let us be at peace. Let us quiet ourselves enough so that we may unravel, and find the beauty at our center. This is our spirit. This is our essence. If you feel that you are at peace and have found your center, this is a wonderful thing because you can be an example to others of how to live from spirit. This being an example can help others more than you could ever realize. I love you dear ones. In infinite glory. Mary


Dear Ones, Everything old is new again. When you change your perspective, all of life seems different. When you slow down, breathe, go within, you can change your life. I have been talking about this a lot. That is because it is so important. So simple. So effective. Peace is found within you. It’s not in the seeking and the searching. The way to peace is to quiet yourselves. Take a deep breath and give it a try. I love you, forevermore. Mary

6-18-14 Forgiveness

Dear Ones, You must forgive. You must find it in your hearts to forgive. Ask me, God and the angels to help you. We have all seen stories of tremendous acts of forgiveness. This is because the human heart has this capability. It is very important to feel the hurt, and then be willing to forgive. It is not easy however it it possible. It takes a willing heart. We are one in God’s glory. I love you. Mary

6-17-14 You Are Loved

Dear Ones, Your humanity is loved. Your humanness. Your perfectly imperfect selves are loved beyond comprehension. Beyond any words. Beyond anything that the mind can understand. You are made from God, but you are also God. When you feel the “oneness” you know this with your heart. The mind will step aside and have no choice but to succumb to the wisdom of the heart. From love you’ve been made, to love you shall return. This is truth. In infinite glory. Mary¬†


Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. Sometimes it might take time to adjust to the changes in our own energy and vibration. As we raise our vibrations, and as a result, the vibration of the planet, we are all ascending. This might not make sense to the thinking mind, but the heart knows the truth of your infinite wholeness. The truth that the vibration of Christ consciousness is coming to earth. This is the vibration of love. In hope and glory. Mary

6-12-14 God’s Love

Dear Ones, We must always know and never doubt God’s love for us. For us, uniquely. Your creator looks at you as if you are the most beautiful thing he has ever seen. For you are. This is truth. Please know this. It matters not what you’ve done, seen, thought or said. God’s love for you is unconditional and pure and never ending. You are loved uniquely and completely. This I promise you. Please accept it into your heart. I love you. Mary