8-26-14 Simple Truths

Dear Ones, It’s all very simple. Don’t complicate matters. Love is the answer to all questions. Peace resides within you. No one can make you happy, because true happiness and peace are within you. You are the beginning and the end, and everything in between. You are a God spark. Meant to live in peace and to discover your own divinity. Godspeed. Feel my embrace. Mary


8-25-14 To Each His Own

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. To each his own. What works for some, will not work for others. There is more than one way to live happily. Your own ideas and rules of life don’t apply to anyone but you. Just enjoy what you love. Then live the way you choose. Don’t concern yourself with others! I love you, infinitely!

8-23-14 Guides

Dear Ones, I spoke about asking and receiving yesterday. Part of this has to do with your guides and angels. They are not things of myth. They are real and are ready to serve you. Each of you are blessed with guides and angels throughout your earthly lives. They do God’s work and help to fulfill your wishes, and ultimately serve God. This is very beautiful and very true. I love you.

8-22-14 Anything is Possible

Dear Ones, You have the ability to overcome any obstacle in your life, with the help of your divine creator. Prayers, turning inward, and believing in the possibility of miracles. That is what will make the difference. You must ask, believe, receive. Of course, God is in charge. However, you are also a creator of the life you are living. If this sounds confusing, it’s not meant to. Trust God, but know that with him, anything is possible. I love you. Mary

8-21-14 The Flow

Dear Ones, Be kind to yourselves. Be patient with yourselves. Be compassionate with yourselves. One moment you might be centered and well and focused, and the next, not so much. It’s okay. All is well. Go with the flow. Don’t take everything so seriously. Life on planet earth has ups and downs. And it’s magnificent! I love you. Mary

8-20-14 Truth

Dear Children of God, We are one in God’s glory. Each of you has special and unique gifts to share with the world. None less important than another. You are loved, cherished, adored by your creator. If you knew this and felt this truly, you could never worry again. Quiet yourselves, listen to your heart, and feel the truth of my words. Feel the love that you are. I love you. Mary

8-18-14 Priorities

Dear Ones, I have been proclaiming the benefits of down time and commitments. Now, let’s talk about priorities. What is a priority to you? Your family, your job, your children? What about yourself? When you make yourself priority one, this is honoring yourself and your own value. I realize this is difficult. Start small. The benefits will outweigh your initial discomfort. I love you! Mary

8-17-14 Enjoy the Now

Dear Ones, Have faith! Don’t give up so easily. What’s meant to be, will be. And it will be divine timing only. Not your timing. Enjoy whatever is going on with you. Enjoy the stage that you are at. Don’t rush anything. Relish the time, the moments. Nothing earthly lasts forever! Only love remains. I love you, forevermore! Mary

8-16-14 Reflection

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s infinite glory. The world we see outside of us is a reflection of what we are. What we feel inside. Do you see the world as a beautiful place? You are beautiful. Do you meet interesting, lovely people? You are interesting and lovely. Do you realize the abundance? You are abundant. If the world outside of you doesn’t seem wonderful and grand, maybe you don’t realize that you, my dear child, are wonderful and grand. Infinitely loved and infinitely blessed. I love you, forevermore! Mary

8-15-14 Commitment

Dear Ones, Stay committed to yourself. Stay committed to what is important to you. Commitment is something that can make all the difference. To yourself, to your priorities. Whether it is your health, your path, your friendships or something else. Yes, there will be distractions. Sometimes seemingly overwhelming distractions. Remind yourself what is important to you and stay lovingly committed. By honoring your commitments, you honor yourself. I love you.