1-29-15 Awakenings!

Dear Ones, Amazing spiritual things are happening on the earth at this time. Awakenings! The first will help the others. It is beautiful. It is miraculous. It is divine destiny. Heart centered living. It is so glorious. I cry tears of joy. I love you. Mary

1-28-15 Gifts

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s infinite glory. Be gentle with yourselves. Practice the love and compassion that you wish others would show you, on yourself. Show yourself the understanding you wish to have received from others. The patience. Give yourselves these gifts. You will heal yourselves and the world. I love you, forevermore.


1-24-15 Peace of Truth

Dear Ones, Be at peace. Be still and let my peace fill you. Feel the love at the center of your beingness. You are all divine beings, created in the likeness of God. But part of God too. I’ve shared this before. We are one, but all God sparks. Feel the truth. Feel the peace that truth brings. Forevermore, I love you. In faith in honor in glory. Mary

1-21-15 Divine Life

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. Feel and let go. Feel all that there is to feel. Free yourselves. Free yourselves. Free your hearts. Everything is divine. Divine timing. Divine will. A divinely lived life. It’s here now. Our ability to live heaven on earth. To find the sacred in the mundane. To see the divine in all things. I love you. Mary

1-19-15 Judgement

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s infinite glory. Let us not judge others, and therefore not judge ourselves. When you feel a judgement about someone else coming up, know that the way you treat others, is the way you treat yourself. If you judge others, you judge yourself. This does not serve you. It only serves to keep you in separation from God. The first step toward eliminating judgement, is simply noticing it. I love you. Mary

1-18-15 Be True

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s infinite glory. Be true to yourselves. Dance to the beat of your own drum. Each of you are created uniquely. Meant only to be yourself and share your own unique divine light. Creating the greater tapestry of everything beautiful. The greater “one.” Fitting in is overrated. For it means conforming to something or some way of being that isn’t you. By being you, you set yourself free. I love you. Mary

1-16-15 Supernatural

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s infinite glory. Do not underestimate the power of your presence. Of your healing thoughts, of your loving actions. Love is the way. Love has power. Few humans understand this power. The power of love to heal, to transform, to transmute. It is supernatural. It is divine. I love you. Mary

1-15-15 Divine Timing

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. Be patient. Your ego’s timeline is of no use, and of no concern to the divine. You are where you are meant to be. The divine plan unfolds in perfect time. Find a way to be fully alive in the present moment, and your impatience shall cease to exist. I love you. Mary

1-13-15 Joyful Anticipation

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. Life can work out in mysterious and miraculous ways. Don’t question it! God sees the bigger picture and the greater good, of all that you’ve gone through. Only his plan is divine perfection. Enjoy the good. Expect miracles. Live in a state of joyful anticipation. I love you. Mary

1-11-15 My Love Is Eternal

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. I am your mother in God. Here to bring comfort. To love, to encourage. I have love and compassion for all of my beautiful children. It matters not what you think you have done wrong or where you think you have failed. My love for you is eternal. I will intervene on your behalf to our almighty creator. He who also loves you infinitely and eternally. And so it is. Mary