Dear Ones, You are reading this for a reason. You know it’s time to change. You know it’s time to let go of fear and embrace what could be. Let go! Let go. Feel whatever there is to feel, and let go. Free your hearts. Free your spirits, and open to living a life of love. I’m with you. Call me. I love you. Mary



Dear Children, The world is changing. People are opening their minds to different ways of thinking. At one time, we all thought the world was flat. One dared to believe otherwise and now we know. The changes that humanity will undergo will be significant and challenging. But it’s all leading to a better way of life. A life of love, unity, and the recognition of ourselves as divine beings. It’s very exciting. I love you. Mary


Dear Beloved Children, A lot of these things that we talk about are approached with the mind. For this is how we’ve been taught to approach life. What I propose now is, try to approach life with the heart. Quiet the mind, drop the thought down into the heart and ask “What does my heart say?” “What does my heart know that my logical mind won’t accept?” Try this. Call me for help. I think you will be amazed at the power of your heart. I love you. Mary


Dear Ones, Peace is yours. Joy is yours. Love is yours. Choose it. Choose it in your thoughts, words, deeds, and actions. Focus on that which you wish to bring into your life. If you wish to bring more peace to your life, find a moment of it. Focus on that and expand it. That which we focus on, expands. Let’s start with peace. Call for me, I am here. I love you. Mary


Dear Children, We are one in God’s glory. Let us proceed together, in love. Let us choose love over all else. Over pride. Over being right. Over material things and money. Choose love. Give love, be love. This is your true essence. I love you–Mary


Dear Ones, The life of my son Jesus Christ remains a mystery. Many accounts of events are correct. Several, not so much. The message of Jesus was very simple: LOVE. That’s it. Love one another. Love yourselves. When or if you hear something or someone referring to events regarding my son, know this. His message was very simple, indeed. Love. Simplify your lives. Simplify your thinking. Believe in the power of love, and then live it. I love you. Mary


Dear Children, Don’t be so hard on yourselves. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone has regrets. Everyone wishes to change certain things. Forgive yourselves. Forgive others. No, it’s not always easy. Start with yourselves first. When you are able to forgive yourself, it’s easier to forgive others. We are one in God’s glory. I love you. Mary


Dear Children, We are one in God’s glory. There is a unity that we, as humankind, have yet to realize. There is a oneness to all of life that as of yet, has only been perceived by few “enlightened” ones. This will change. We, as people, will realize our unity, our oneness, our divinity. This gives me hope. I love you. Mary


Dear Children, It is a most blessed life. You have chosen to be on planet earth at this time to help usher in a new era of love. A new era of peace. I am here. We are one. Yes, tragedies happen, but love prevails. Love triumphs. Love shows us the way when we have little else. I love you. Mary


Dear Ones, Life can be the best for us when we show our true selves. We fear doing this because we fear not being accepted. Not being loved. We feel others will think we are different, or weird. Well, we are all different, in our own way. When we are truly ourselves, we not only free ourselves, but we show others that it’s okay to do this. Another ripple effect. Accept yourself, be yourself, free yourself. And inspire others to do the same. We are one in God’s glory. I love you. Mary