5-30-14 Pray

Dear Ones, Sometimes the only thing you can do is pray. When there is a disturbing or painful situation, that you aren’t sure how to handle, call on God, me, and the angels. And pray. Give it to God and have faith that what is meant to be, will be. Each travels his own path to spirit. All we can do is show love along the way to those who might be struggling or who seem to be off their path. I love you, all my beloved children. Mary¬†


5-29-14 Letting Go

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. Many are going through difficult times, emotionally. Many are needing to let go, of deep issues. Issues and emotions which have led to stuck energy, manifesting as physical or emotional problems. Have faith, let go. The world is changing. Pray for help. Pray for peace, within each of you, and as a result, in the world. I love you. Mary

5-28-14 Peace

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. Peaceful is a beautiful place to be. All the money, recognition, fame, fortune cannot bring it. You can only find it within you. How are we doing with this? Start with 15 minutes a day of quiet. Expand from there. Try this. It might be exactly what you need to lead you to a life of peace on earth. I love you. Mary

5-27-14 Ascension

Dear Ones, Many on the planet are in the process of ascending. It is the divine will. The first ones will be the leaders. Others will follow. This is very beautiful and there is nothing to fear. Thinking is changing. The dominant state on planet earth will no longer be fear. It shall be love. I’m here to help. I love you. Mary

5-26-14 Self-judgement

Dear Ones, Self-judgment seems to be a huge problem, so we will address it again. It does not serve you, or anyone to judge yourselves. If you believe this is unavoidable, ask for my help. Call me. I’m here. Accepting, comforting, loving. We are all doing the best we can. Relax into that knowledge. Relax into that truth! I love you. Mary

5-25-14 trust and truth

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. Trust. Trust yourself. You know what the truth is. Your heart knows what’s meant to be. The truth is inside you. In your heart. When you live from the heart, you live in truth. Tap into the wisdom of your heart, and live your truth. I love you. Mary

5-23-14 amazing life

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s infinite glory. Life is amazing. See it as such! Each life is like a work of art. The journey uniquely taken by each of you. Try to see the world anew. Look at it with new eyes. Amazing miraculous things are all around us. The brilliance of an invention, the creativity in a work of art, the loving kindness in a mother’s eyes. All these seemingly ordinary things, are miraculous and grand. Choose to see them as such. I love you!

5-22-14 No Wrong Feelings

Dear Ones, Nothing that you are ever feeling is “wrong.” Whatever you feel is valid and true for you. Don’t judge your feelings! “I shouldn’t feel this way.” Or “Why do I feel that?” Accept what and how you feel. You are divine. Feelings and emotions are divine. Once you start to accept your feelings you can more easily accept yourself. I feel this because I am me! And there’s nothing wrong with that! Perfect. I love you. Mary

5-21-14 A Look

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. The way the divine looks at you, is as if you are the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. The most beautiful thing he’s ever created. Has any human ever given you a look like that? An indescribable look. You are a perfect creation in the likeness of your creator, the divine. You are loved, cherished, accepted, unconditionally. Know this in your heart. I love you. Mary

5-20-14 Waking Up

Dear Ones, All is well. We are one. Magical things are happening upon the earth. People are “waking up.” And these people will lead others. Lead others through love, compassion, kindness. Love is the answer. This will be known. I’m very excited for you. I love you. Mary