10-30-14 Heal Your Hearts

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. Dear children, heal your hearts. So many have suffered from broken hearts; disappointments in life and love. Heal your hearts. Allow your creator to help you heal your hearts. This way, you may love. Love is the most powerful force in the universe, and when the heart needs healing, it impedes this force. Believe it’s possible to heal your hearts, and allow it to be. I love you. In glory. Mary


10-28-14 Trust

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. Trust. When you truly trust in the divine plan, life can unfold in a magnificent way. When you truly trust God, and know that your creator has your best and highest good in his plan, life on planet earth becomes not only bearable, but amazing, brilliant, joyful and more grand than your imagination can fathom. Let go and trust. These are my words of wisdom for today. Let go. And trust. My love for you is infinite. Mary

10-27-14 Infinite Blessings

Dear Ones, Learning to appreciate everything, can really change your life for the better. No matter what kind of day you’ve had, there is always much to appreciate. In fact, whether you’re aware of it or not, there are infinite blessings! Yes, infinite! Look for them. Find them. Focus on them. And change your life. If you need help, call me. My wisdom is available to you, now and always. I love you. Mary

10-24-14 Guidance

Dear Ones, All is well. You are loved and protected. You are guided. If you cannot hear or feel this guidance, quiet yourselves. Be still. The universe, your guides, and your creator wish for you to follow the guidance that you are receiving. It is available to you now, through your subtle senses. I love you. Mary

10-23-14 You are Valued

Dear Ones, Never doubt your value. Have confidence in your value and worth. Maybe some have heard the phrase “God doesn’t make junk.” It sounds trite. However, each human soul is treasured, cherished, valued, unique, one-of-a-kind and divine. You, each and every one of you, is created in the likeness of God. From God, but part of God too. Do not get caught up in this concept with your thinking mind. The heart knows the truth of which I speak. Godspeed. Mary

10-21-14 Hearts…

Dear Ones, Your creator is very pleased when you follow your hearts. For many, this is a seemingly difficult thing to do. We follow our programming, or our societies rules. However irrelevant they may be. Follow your heart. Let it lead you to a life beyond any expectation! I love you. Mary

10-20-14 Soften

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. Soften your hearts. Harden not your hearts. The world is changing. Humanity is ready for something better, different. Spread love and peace and help humanity ascend to it’s destiny. I love you. Mary

10-18-14 Patience

Dear Ones, Let us be patient. Appreciate what is right now. Be grateful for all of the blessings of the current time. Don’t be so quick to want, the long for, that next thing, whatever it may be. There are infinite blessings at each and every stage and phase of life on planet earth. Look for them. I love you! Mary

10-16-14 Basics

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. Let’s get back to basics. Kindness, understanding, compassion, love. These are the basics to me! A little kindness goes a long way, especially for someone who needs a little kindness. And that is everyone. Remind yourself of what really matters. Now, and always, I love you. Mary

10-15-14 The Now

Dear Ones, The past is just that, past. Don’t live there. Be hopeful for your future, but don’t live there either. Be in the moment. Be in the now. This is where you find peace. This is where you find joy. This is where you find gratitude. And this is where you feel the oneness of all that is. In love and infinite glory. Mary