9-5-16 Love

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s infinite glory! I am Mother Mary. Mother of all children. Mother of the universe. My love for each of you is unending and inexplicable with the human vocabulary and 3D mind. Just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Just because you don’t understand something, doesn’t mean it isn’t true. I love you across worlds, across dimensions, beyond that which is infinite. Trust in the power of my love. Mary


8-16-16 Trust

Dear Ones, When we are able to trust in the divine plan of the universe, life becomes much easier. We free ourselves, we free our minds, we are able to relax and step into the “flow.” Worry ceases to exist. Ask for help in trusting the divine plan. God is truly in charge. I love you. Mary

7-31-16 Divine Plan

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s infinite glory. All is well, dear one. Life continues to unfold on planet earth according to divine plan. All light workers are now called to use the powerful force of love to help heal this planet, Mother Earth and it’s inhabitants. Together, we can do it. Let’s usher in this new reality together. Let’s do it now. I love you. Mary