7-29-14 Encourage

Dear Ones, How are we doing together? How are you feeling about yourself? Are you loving and honoring yourself and your feelings? Are you taking the time to rest yourself; body, mind and spirit? Are you enjoying quiet contemplation and getting in touch with your heart? Listening to your inner voice? I’m here to remind you how special and wonderful you are. To encourage and love. I love you. In infinite glory. Mary


7-28-14 Love

Dear Ones, It matters not what you do, if you do it with love. There is so much searching and seeking. But alas, be still. Be yourself. Love yourself. Love others. And be loving. Show loving kindness to family members and strangers alike. Understand that we are all one. Show love, give love, receive love, be love. This is your true essence. I love you. Mary

7-25-14 Outside the Box

Dear Ones, Open your hearts. Open your minds. Forgive. Let go. Be open to the possibility of anything; of miracles. Of the power of pure love. It is a new time. Think “outside the box” of your 3D reality. We are one in God’s glory. I love you. Mary

7-24-14 Truths

Dear Ones, All is well. We are one. There are many things about you that the mind cannot fathom. There are many ways of thinking that are accepted as truth, even though they are not truth. You are divine. This is truth. You are created in the likeness of God. This is truth. The human form is temporary. My love for you and God’s love for you are eternal. This is is truth. In infinite glory. Mary

7-23-14 Pray

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. When your faith waivers, pray. When you feel you are losing hope, pray. When you don’t or cannot see a solution to your current challenge, pray. This is not about “religion.” This is about knowing and believing in an almighty creator. A creator who is good, benevolent, infinitely loving all that you are. A creator who wishes to shower you with the abundance in the universe and who wishes you to receive it. God wishes you to know his love. I love you. Mary

7-22-14 You are Loved

Dear Ones, You are loved. Your humanness is loved. Your perfect imperfectness. Your mistakes are loved. Your flaws are loved. Your fears. Your judgements. Your angry words. Everything about you is loved, adored, cherished. You are all my children. You are all precious to me. You wouldn’t stop loving your child if they made a mistake would you? Neither would your creator. The love the divine has for you is infinite. As is mine. I love you. Mary

7-21-14 Let Go

Dear Ones, Life continues to be challenging for many. Let go. Let go of all past hurts. All past transgressions! Free your hearts. Free yourselves. Live a life of peace and joy. It’s all within you. And it all starts with the release of old pain. I love you. I want to help. I will bring you comfort. Mary

7-20-14 Changes

Dear Ones, Change is good. Change brings opportunity. Changes means the potential for something better. A better situation. Always look for the good, the benefits of change. Remain graceful, hopeful, trusting. There will be peace on planet earth, someday. Humanity will make it so. Change can bring this peace.

7-19-14 Choices

Dear Ones, We all have choices; what we choose to focus on, what we choose to think about. If we go through life carefree and trusting or heavy and burdened. I’m asking you to please let go. Trust. Free your minds. Free yourselves. This doesn’t mean you are uncaring to the rest of the planet and it’s challenges. It means that you make choices that are loving to yourself, which in turn does help humanity and your fellow humans. I hope this concept isn’t stuck in your thinking mind. The more you suffer over outside influences does not prove your concern for them. Live, love, pray, be free. And spread your light. I love you. Mary

7-18-14 Centeredness

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. It’s very easy to become uncentered when the fear and negativity in the world consciousness is so prevalent. Stay in your truth. Stay in a state of loving kindness. Pray. Spread peace not fear. Our benevolent and loving creator wishes to shower all with good and love. I love you. Mary