Dear Children, Peace. Peace to you for 2014. Peace, joy, love. Let go! Let go of fear, pain and uncertainty. Know that there is an all-loving higher power at work in your lives. Celebrate! Be loving, be kind and joyful. Focus on good. We will do great things together  in the coming year. I love you. Mary



Dear Children, I love you all. As a mother loves all her children, cares for all her children, forgives and accepts all her children. I will do anything for you to understand and grasp this. Pray to me. Call to me. I am intercessor and will intercede on your behalf to Almighty and ever loving God. Have faith. When there is nothing left, have faith. I am your mother in God. Here for you in faith. In your hearts forevermore. Let me help you in your life. God’s will be done. I love you.


Dear Children, The new year is almost upon us. Know that wonderful things can happen for you. Ring it in with love. With hope. With joy. With forgiveness. With a pure heart and an open mind. Quiet yourselves and breathe. Look within. Forgive yourselves. I give you permission, so please give yourselves permission to do this. Let go of your pain and self judgement and self-criticism. This journey can start with a simple and small step. Take my hand, we’ll walk together. I love you. Mary


Dear Beloved Ones, I am Mary, Queen of Angels. I have chosen to come forth at this time, to help. To help you find peace. To help you remember love. To help you find joy. These things are not in the striving and the doing and the searching. They are within each of you. In your hearts. This is where love, peace, and joy reside. Be quiet and listen. Stop and breathe. Call for me, I’ll help you. I love you. Forevermore. Mary


Dear Children, We are one in God’s love. Let’s focus on love. Let us remember a time when we felt love, or when we felt good. It can be just a moment in time when we felt this way. Something simple could have made us feel this way. A pretty flower, or a friend who bought lunch. Or something grand might have made us feel good. Whatever it was, call it to your mind and keep that good thing in your mind’s focus for as long as you can. If you are having trouble, call me. I want to help. I am Mary, most loving mother. I will help you remember a time when you felt worthy and good. I love you.


Dear Children, I send my love and peace to you on this most special day, when we remember my son and our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you to the many who acknowledge him. This is a beautiful thing. People take the time to appreciate one another with gifts, etc. This is beautiful too. Love is all that matters. Love is all that remains. We are one in God’s glory. To all my blessed children, I love you. Mary


Dear Children, Love is everywhere. Notice it. Love is in everything. Notice it. Joy is in the crunch of ice and snow under your feet, or in the sway of a tree in the warm breeze. Look for love and joy, and that is what you will find. If you cannot, ask me and I’ll point it out to you. Call me, Mary, where is there joy? And I will show you. You might need to open your heart a little, but the wanting will help you find it. Do not be afraid. Love is everywhere. I love you–Mary


Dear children, Miraculous things are happening upon the earth. People are 
embodying the energy of my son, Jesus Christ. They will spread this love and 
peace, creating heaven on earth. The kingdom of heaven is within and all around. 
This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad. You will see it, 
you will feel it. A new way, a new world. Let it touch you. I love you. Mary 


My dear children, I am here. We are one. It is an exciting time of year. People 
want to do good. There is a "Christmas spirit." People want to do nice things 
for each other. It brings glory to my sons name, even if you do this without 
recognizing him. The true meaning of Christmas is about Christ. The spirit is 
alive and this pleases me. We are one in God's glory. I love you. Your beloved 
mother, Mary


Dear children, Beautiful things are happening. Humankind is "waking up." You are 
becoming more conscious. Knowing that there is more to life than what you can 
physically see. Other senses that have been dormant are coming alive. You feel 
things and know things that you cannot "prove" or don't see. People's minds are 
opening. This is wonderful. This will help as Christ consciousness becomes a 
reality on planet earth. Remember times when all thought the world was flat 
because that's all we could see? Well the changes we will undergo as a group, 
will be as dramatic as that. It is all wonderful and good. We are ready. I love 
you. Mary