Dear Ones, Prayer is very important for many reasons. It helps you to become clear and focus, and to listen to your heart. I am Mary, Queen of Angels. I am also intercessor on your behalf. I seek to love and protect. This is my purpose and mission. Quiet yourselves and pray. You will receive answers in your heart. I love you forevermore, my beloved children.


Dear Ones, We all need to release a lot of things, emotions. Pain, loneliness, fear, regret, grief, guilt, loss. Don’t hold on to them. Feel and let go and free yourselves. Free your hearts. Ask for help. The angels and God and I want you to live a life free of the constraints of emotional pain. For you see, we are one in God’s glory. I love you. Mary


Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. Maybe it’s a good time to talk about hope again. The winter seems bleak. People seem lonely, discouraged. Pray, this will give you hope. Call me, ask for hope. For hope can change how you feel about your world, which in turn can change your world. I love you. With hope, Mary


Dear Ones, Honor yourselves. Honor your emotions. Honor your commitment to living an honest life. Honor your choices. Honor. It’s a beautiful thing. Notice what you can honor and how. Honor your friendships. Honor your own feelings. Honor God. It’s a beautiful thing! And maybe something we’ve forgotten to do. I love you forevermore. Mary


Dear Ones, Love surrounds you. You are loved by the divine creator of the universe. It is a pure, complete and thorough love which is indescribable. I also love you dearly and wish only to guide and protect. On the day we celebrate love, know that you are loved. For this is your true essence. Mary


Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. Let us work on trust. Imagine completely trusting and putting all your faith in a higher power. Imagine being able to completely trust. Saying, God, you’re in charge. And truly knowing and believing this. When you let go, and allow, abundance can flow to you. All the things that the universe (God) wishes to give you, can be received when you are not struggling against it. Start by letting go. Call me. I love you. I am Mary, your mother in God.


Dear Ones, If we have thoughts that are unpleasant to us, this is normal. We command them, in the name of God, to go into the light. The light is divine light, all loving light. All powerful and pure. Many people fret over worries and fears that can easily be sent into the light. I am with you. I love you–Mary


Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. Be yourself. Be yourselves. Be you. Let go of self criticism. Accept yourself. Love yourself. If you need help, call me. Love is the answer to all questions. Start with yourself. The rest will be easy. I am here. Call me. I love you. Mary