Dear Ones, You are all human. And the human experience can be very challenging! Of course we angels know this. Because most of you are living by seeing and knowing only part of the picture. The whole picture is this: you are infinite. You are a divine being in a physical form. You are powerful and created in the likeness of your creator. And, we are one. I wish you to know this and feel it. I love you. In infinite glory. Mary



Dear Ones, Be true to yourselves. Trust what you know in your heart to be true. Listen to the heart. Tap into the knowledge that is within the heart center. The heart houses your spirit, as does your entire physical body. However, the heart has a special connection with spirit. Trust yourself. Trust God. Know that your creator wants all good and beautiful things for you and for your life. Godspeed. Angel blessings. 

4-9-14 Courage & Faith

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. Courage is an amazing thing. It can help catapult your life, into places you could never have imagined. Courage and faith are most valuable for this purpose. If you need more courage, pray and ask for it. And then believe and receive! When you have the courage to follow your heart, and the faith to believe that anything is possible, that is when miracles can occur. I love you. Mary

4-5-14 Beauty

Dear Ones, The world is a beautiful place. There are things of beauty all around you. Beautiful things in nature. Beautiful works of art. Beautiful gestures of loving kindness. Notice them. Appreciate all of the beauty around you. And appreciate the beauty in yourselves. If you begin to look, you will begin to see the beauty in all things. I love you! Mary

4-6-14 It is Possible!

Dear Ones, If you truly desire to turn your lives around, it is possible! It matters not what you have done in the past. With love, faith, courage, and hope, you can live a life beyond your wildest dreams. God is all-loving. God is all forgiving. The angels want to assist you. I want to help you also. It is my mission to love and serve. Anything is possible with a willing heart. I love you–Mary

4-3-14 Faith

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. Let us keep the faith. Faith means believing in something that you cannot see. Faith means knowing that things will work out, even if you have no idea how. Faith is different from hope. Faith is believing in a higher power, a creator. And it’s also believing in the creators divine plan. I love you. Mary

4-2-14 Gratitude

Dear Ones, Take time to be grateful. Take time to appreciate all of the wonderful things about your life. This is a beautiful practice, and it is also very healing. Gratitude opens the heart and makes room for more to be grateful for. And it feels wonderful. It’s a feeling that is almost indescribable. Please, try this as often as you can. I love you, beloved children. Mary

4-1-14 Awakening

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. Many things continue to shift and change on the planet. Many people are coming “awake.” Realizing what is really important. Letting go of fear and pain. Choosing love and forgiveness. It is very beautiful. I am here. Call me if you need help with these changes. For I am here to guide and love. I love you. Mary

3-31-14 Christ Consciousness

Dear Ones, Your true nature and true essence, are love. Once you realize this at a soul level, you will naturally begin to make the changes in your life that will reflect this. You will act with love only. You will purify your thoughts so they’ll only be loving. Your actions will be only loving too. This is called Christ consciousness. This is what I’ve been talking about. It is a beautiful existence. Godspeed. Mary