8-13-14 Peace and Receive

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. Center yourselves. Be at peace. Breathe. Appreciate everything around you. Give thanks. Be in a state of gratitude. Of appreciation. In anticipation of what wonderful things can happen in your life. Be ready to receive. I love you. I love you. I love you. In glory, honor, praise. Mary


8-10-14 All is Well

Dear Ones, All is well. Pray for peace on the planet. Pray for truth to be revealed. Pray for love to rule, instead of fear. Pray for strength to ascend with the new earth. Our prayers matter. Help spread peace and love. I love you. In glory and honor. Mary

8-9-14 Oneness

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. We are truly one. I wish for you to feel the oneness of all that is. Seekers have been making it their goal to attain this for centuries. It is available to you now. Be still. Know that you, and I, and all, and God, are one. Let it happen. I love you. Mary

8-8-14 Give it Up

Dear Ones, Let God take the reins. Let go of all worry, fear and concerns. Find joy. Seek to love and give. And you will realize the abundance that your creator wishes to bestow on you. It’s a common phrase “give it up to God.” But really do it. And you will live a life beyond your wildest imagination. My love for you is infinite. In God’s glory. Mary

8-6-14 Hope

Dear Ones, We have talked about hope before, and I’d like to talk about it again. Hope can change your life. Hope can help you turn to God. Hope is what prayers are made of. And when you have hope, it can help you believe that anything is possible with God. Because it is. When you see someone struggling, or you yourself are struggling, pray to your creator, and ask for hope. It’s a mysterious thing. Intangible, unexplainable and absolutely necessary for a satisfying life. Hope. I love you. In infinite glory! Mary

8-4-14 Positive Connections

Dear Ones, Let us connect with others for positive reasons. Over positive issues. Let’s communicate with one another about what inspires us, what we enjoy, what motivates us. Let’s not connect over our gripes. Let us make friends that we can do enjoyable things together with. Not with those that our only connection with doesn’t bring us joy. We’re back to fun again, inadvertently. I love you, forevermore! Mary

8-2-14 Fun

Dear Ones, Have more fun! Everyone is so serious. What is fun to you? A funny movie? A game played with the kids? A bike ride? We all need to enjoy this life on planet earth. Be light and free. Trust the divine and his plan. Find what makes your heart sing and do it! Have fun! I love you in infinite glory. Mary

8-1-14 Phases

Dear Ones, When things end, it makes room for something else to begin. It’s okay to grieve the end of something. Really feel it, and then you can let go and move on to something new. It’s a new time. A new “phase” as some say. Neither time or circumstance is less important than any other. Each phase can be appreciated for what it is. Find love in and for each stage. Of life, of careers, of relationships, of your own progress in all areas. I love you. I love you. I love you! Mary

7-30-14 Receive

Dear Ones, All is well. Continue to follow your hearts. Let the physical and material plane catch up to the changes you’ve made to your thinking, your energy, your internal life. What you put out there, comes back to you. And if it’s love that you are exuding, love will be returned to you, manyfold. Give, but also be willing to receive. You are a child of God. I love you, in infinite glory.