9-16-14 Pay Attention

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s infinite glory. Pay attention. To your body. To all of your senses. Your guides and angels attempt to communicate with you through your subtle senses. Your intuition, your gut. Let them help you. Trust yourself. Follow your inner knowing. And let the helper realms assist. I love you. Mary

9-15-14 Surrender

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. Surrender to thy will. Yes, assert yourself lovingly. Yes, be ambitious with your pursuits of joy. However, surrender. We can’t control another. We can’t always make others understand our priorities. We can pray. We can surrender. We can act with love. We can choose our words with love. Godspeed. Mary

9-14-14 beliefs

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. Things are not always what they seem. We’ve been taught to believe things, which may or may not be true. By virtue of this, we may not believe that certain things are possible. What I am saying is this: anything is possible. Just because you’ve been taught to believe that this is untrue, doesn’t mean it is so. I love you. I love you. I love you. Mary

9-14-13 Be Yourself

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. Be yourself. Be yourselves. This is all you need to be. Those who have the courage to be themselves are an example to others. An example of the peace, freedom and contentment that comes from living their truth. I love you. Mary

9-11-14 Divine Gifts

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. As we connect with our true selves, our spirit, our gifts unfold. Our God given gifts. When we connect to spirit, and live from spirit, they are fully revealed. This is very beautiful. Many are unleashing their creativity and discovering their gifts. This pleases me. This pleases our creator. I love you! In infinite glory.

9-9-14 Mind

Dear Ones, The mind is a very powerful thing. When you make up your mind about something, you can make it so. Words have power also. Use care when making up your mind, and when speaking. Whether it is your intention or not, you can make this your truth, with your mind and with your words. Instead of “I’ll never find a job,” try this: “I’m certain a new opportunity will present itself soon.” See what I mean? I love you. In glory. Mary

9-8-14 I am Here

Dear Ones, I am here. We are one. I wish for you to feel my presence. I wish for you to feel my energy. This is possible for you at this time. I want to help you live a peace-filled life on planet earth. I want you to realize your own divinity. I love you. Mary

9-7-14 Pushing towards Change

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. Everything happens for a reason. It is a good and benevolent universe; a loving and benevolent creator. The turmoil that is being experienced on planet earth, is pushing humanity towards change. Change for the better. Change that will lead you to realize your own divinity. This is good. Prayers for those suffering. Prayers for peace. I love you. Mary

9-6-14 New Earth

Dear Ones, It is a time of great change. I’ve spoken of this before. Many will attain the knowledge of what is really is truly important. They will help others. By their example and leadership, many and eventually all, will know peace. It is a new time. It will be a new earth. Godspeed. Mary

9-5-14 The Way

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. Have we unbusied? Have we unwound? Have we felt the peace that can only come from within? Have we started to care for self, to value self? To honor God’s creation, which is you? The world is a beautiful place. Have we realized this? If you need help, call me. I’d love to guide you into your amazing life. Let go of your preconceived ideas, take my hand. I’ll show you the way. I love you. Mary