11-15-14 Trust

Dear Ones, Some of these concepts are difficult for the mind to grasp. Just feel the energy of my words: Trust is essential. When you trust, you allow whatever is meant to be, to be. You don’t question or fight it, or resist it. This opens up something. This trust opens you up to the truth of all that is. If this is confusing, it’s okay. I love you forevermore. Mary

11-13-14 Start

Dear Ones, I am here. We are one. I am Mary. I wish to help you fulfill all your dreams and desires. And also live a life of peace and love. Let go of all of your pain and hurt. And heal your heart. This is where we will start. I am with you. I love you. Mary

11-12-14 Let Go!

Dear Ones, Let go! This is so important and so necessary for your own peace of mind. Holding on to the past doesn’t serve you. It only holds you back. Find the courage to let go. And as a result, free your heart and free yourself. I love you! Mary

11-11-14 New Reality

Dear Ones, Life is meant to be lived. Gifts are meant to be revealed. Your purpose is meant to unfold. Joy is meant to be felt. Oneness is meant to be realized. Separation from God is meant to end. We shall usher in a new reality of peace. It is very exciting. I love you. Mary

11-4-14 Divine

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. Be in the moment. Look around you and realize that everything is divine. Find all of the things to be grateful for. Be at peace. Be one with your creator. Feel the bliss that comes from this state. I love you. Mary

11-3-14 Face It

Dear Ones, When you have the courage to face your pain, face your heartbreak, face your grief, you can heal it. When you do this, you free yourself. You free your heart. You free your spirit. Turn and face it. I’ll be with you. You can do it. Free yourselves. It is such a relief. I love you. Infinity. Mary

11-2-14 Be Still

Dear Ones, Don’t be afraid to be still. Don’t be afraid to stay put. Many keep busy as a way of distracting themselves or running from things. Running from emotions not dealt with. What I want for you to realize, is that once you face problems, you can heal them. And free yourself from them completely. I love you! Mary

11-1-14 Things Unspoken

Dear Ones, Don’t leave things unspoken. If you love someone, or appreciate something about them, speak it. Let the other know what’s in your heart. So many have pain and regret in their hearts of this nature. Things left unsaid. Tell your loved ones how you feel. For some, this is difficult. Call me, I’ll be happy to help! I love you. In infinite glory. Mary

10-31-14 Life

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. Life, is a gift. Most people take it for granted. Life on planet earth has a beginning and an end. In between, try and make the most of it. Don’t waste time with trivial pursuits, or complaints. Find the peace within yourselves. Find joy. Spread love. This is what I’d like to see you occupying your time with. I love you. Mary