12-5-14 Changes

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. The powerful force of love is emerging on the planet. Changes are happening. Injustices are being brought to light. Abuses of power are being revealed. Sweeping changes will take place. Remain in the the light. Do not give in to fear. Focus on the divine and your own light. I love you. Mary

12-3-14 Free Yourself

Dear Ones, Sometimes it’s scary to be yourself. Fear not. For you are divine. However, it can take much courage to come out of the closet with whatever it is that you keep hidden about yourself. Free yourself and step into your own light. I love you. Mary

12-2-14 Positive Effects

Dear Ones, Let’s talk about something that few people understand. The invisible unseen positive effect of every loving thought or action. These loving waves or ripples, effect everything, in a positive way. Prayer has the same effect. This is a little known and little understood concept. Your loving words, thoughts and actions effect humankind. I love you. Mary

11-30-14 Choose

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. Be a beacon of light for others on planet earth. Choose love love, choose peace, choose forgiveness. And show others how to live a life filled with grace. Choose it, live it, teach it. Show others with the example of your life, that anything is possible. Miracles, ascension, abundance, love. I am with you always in love. Mary