3-23-17 Godself

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s infinite glory! All is well, dear ones. Shed your old selves. Let go of the past and it’s pain and also it’s limitations. We are one. You are a particle of the divine whole–a Godself. I love you infinitely. If you don’t understand these words with the mind, feel them with the heart. Let them resonate with you. We are one. Mary


Dear Ones, The life of my son Jesus Christ remains a mystery. Many accounts of events are correct. Several, not so much. The message of Jesus was very simple: LOVE. That’s it. Love one another. Love yourselves. When or if you hear something or someone referring to events regarding my son, know this. His message was very simple, indeed. Love. Simplify your lives. Simplify your thinking. Believe in the power of love, and then live it. I love you. Mary


Dear Children, All is well. You are loved and protected. You are created in the likeness of God, your creator. Within each of you is that God spark, or spirit, which guides you.When you connect with yourself, you connect with God. I am here. Call me when you need me. I’ll lead you back to your God self. I love you–Mary


Dear Ones, Let’s talk about grace. Grace is that indescribable quality that allows you to act with love in the face of adversity or pain or hardship. It’s what gives you a center and a grounding when logically the mind believes you shouldn’t be centered. It’s that golden light that keeps you whole. Of course it comes from God. We all have it. Godspeed. Mary