Dear Ones, Something very small can make a difference. A positive and lasting difference. A loving glance, a patient presence, a small gesture or kind word. The ripple effect can be much larger than you’ll ever realize. Letting a car go ahead of you in traffic, or a person ahead of you in line. Know that small kind acts can have lovely and lasting consequences. I love you. Mary


Dear Children, We are one in God’s glory. Trust is an incredible thing. When we can truly trust God and the divine plan that he has for our lives, we can truly be at peace. When we surrender, stop questioning and accept our lives, our gifts can truly be revealed. I realize this is challenging yes, but we are up for the challenge, together. Call me. I will assist you always and forever. Your mother in God–Mary


Dear Children, All is well. You are loved and protected. You are created in the likeness of God, your creator. Within each of you is that God spark, or spirit, which guides you.When you connect with yourself, you connect with God. I am here. Call me when you need me. I’ll lead you back to your God self. I love you–Mary


Dear Children, We are free. If we do not feel free, it is a construct of the mind. Your heart is free. Breathe into the heart and ask me, “Mother, I want to feel free.” I will assist you. I will help you free your heart. Thus, enabling a new way to live your life. I love you. Mary


Dear Ones, Let’s talk about grace. Grace is that indescribable quality that allows you to act with love in the face of adversity or pain or hardship. It’s what gives you a center and a grounding when logically the mind believes you shouldn’t be centered. It’s that golden light that keeps you whole. Of course it comes from God. We all have it. Godspeed. Mary


Dear Ones, As we call out to God, the angels, or to me Mary, believe. Believe that miracles are possible. Believe, and receive. Ask, believe, receive. We are one in God’s glory. I love you. Mary


Dear ones, At times, we all feel unlovable or unloved. At times, we all feel alone and insecure. But this isn’t our true nature. Our true nature is love. Our essence is love. God is love and we are created in this likeness. You are loved. Please know this. Feel this to your core and center. You are loved and valued. Mary


Dear Children, Please know that love surrounds you. Please know that love engulfs you. If you don’t feel it, it is because there are blocks. Blocks in energy. Blocks in thinking. Blocks in belief. God is all powerful and ever loving. He knew what he was doing when he created you in his likeness. You come from love and return to love. Love is all that matters. Love is all that remains. Hear these words. Let them resonate in your heart. I love you. Mary


Dear Children, We are one in God’s glory. There is nothing to fear. Choose light. Step into the light. If you need help, call me. If you don’t know how, ask me. I am always with you. I am in your heart. I love you. Mary


Dear Children, There is a light within each of you. It is within your heart, and has nothing to do with the mind. When you are yourself, this light can be seen. It is that indescribable thing about a person that makes them who they are. It comes from the heart and shines in the eyes. Some call it spirit. When you are revealing your true nature, it can be seen the most. When you are being loving and kind, it is revealed. Each of you has this. God has made you each special, unique and immensely valuable. Please know this. I love you. Mary