Dear Children, This dormant and cold time of year, helps us prepare for spring. You. see, things are still happening even if it doesn’t seem so. Things will still bloom and be extraordinary, even if at this moment they appear bleak. It is a metaphor for life. And nature giving us hope. The darkness and bleak days give way to the exquisite blooms of spring. The hope of this will sustain us. I love you. Mary


Dear Children, The peace that my son felt you can all feel. The love that he embodied can be yours too. Breathe into the heart and feel the peace in each breath. If you are unsettled or upset, call me. I will bring you comfort. I will show you the way of love. We are ready to embody love. We are ready to embody peace. Won’t you join me in this? I will help and guide you. I love you. Mary


Dear Children, Let us love one another. Let us love ourselves so that we may love one another. Each has their own “cross” to bear. We all experience similar things on planet earth. Loss, grief, heartache and pain. Loneliness and fear. Let us all love one another. We are much more alike than different. The cause of our pain may be different, yes. But what divides us can unite us. Together in our humanity. Together in the illusion of separation from God. We are one with God. We just don’t know it or feel it. We are all love. Please, can we love one another. I love you. Mary


Dear ones, We are one in God’s infinite glory. Let us proceed together. Call to¬† mind a time when you felt or acted a little less than loving. Remember this time and think in your mind about what you could do if you had another chance to react with love. The first step toward changing your behavior is recognizing it. So next time, when you are faced with a similar situation, you will have the choice and chance to act with love. To react with love. Give it a try. Call for me if you need my help. I am here. I love you–Mary


Dear Children, Can we focus on the moment? Can we truly be alive in the present moment? The answer is YES. We can. Breathe into the heart. Focus just for a moment, on your breath. This is present moment awareness. When we can expand this, we can be more centered and more at peace. With ourselves and with the world. Actually, we can change our world. Breathe, focus on the breath. Yes, very simple indeed. I love you. Mary


Dear Children, We are one with all that is. Spend time in nature. Spend time in quiet. Allow peace to be yours. Peace is in your heart. Breathe and contemplate peace. Peace within and peace on Earth. Just imagine this. If you can find a moment of this peace in your stillness, we can expand that to all the world. These things I suggest are simple, but effective. Peace to you my children. I love you. Mary


Dear Children, Our cares can be few if we so choose. What is important? Love. Who is important? Everyone that we have the opportunity to love. Everyone we see, work with, pass by. These people all give us the opportunity to love. We can choose to be loving. If it is difficult, maybe there is pain in your heart that you need to release and free. This is possible and wonderful. When we release our pain, we are free to love ourselves and others. All others. Call me, I want to help. I love you. Mary


Dear Children, I am here. We are one. There is a lovely undercurrent on the planet. It is the undercurrent of love. Let’s embrace it. Let’s choose it. Let’s live it. This is what I have been saying right along. Choose thoughts of love. Choose actions of love. Could it be that easy? Yes, it’s very simple indeed. This is the way we will change the world. One thought at a time. And then another, and another. Don’t give in to the fear. Choose another way. Call me, I am here. For I judge no one. I forgive all. I am most loving mother. Ready to love, protect and guide toward the light. I love you forevermore. Mary


Dear Children, This will be the year of the light 2014. We shall walk together into the light. We shall choose light. Choose love. Choose peace. Become aware that the fear and negativity in the world right now is unnecessary. We can all live in peace and freedom and dare I say it unity. Let’s look forward with hope to that. Call me. I am always with you. I love you. Happy New Year. Mary