5-9-14 Don’t Judge Yourself

Dear Ones, Don’t judge yourself for what you may have done or failed to do. You did the best you could at the time, with what insight, knowledge and capability you had at the time. Feel whatever there is to feel around your past and let it go. Accept yourself. Forgive yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Focus on what you have done “right.” Love yourself. Start with you. I am here. I love you. Mary

5-8-14 Ascend

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. I am here to comfort, guide, and protect. But I am not alone at this. There are many angels, guides and helpful energies surrounding the planet at this time. It is God’s will that we ascend. That we live together in peace. It might seem like a lofty goal, however, all of your love and light is helping spread this peace. It is glorious. Humankind is waking up. Godspeed. Mary

5-7-14 Choices

Dear Ones, You have a choice about what you think about. You have a choice whether to worry or to trust. Your choices effect your thoughts and thus effect your reality. Choose to believe that anything is possible. Choose trust over worry. Choose positive, loving, hopeful thoughts. And as a result, be positive, loving, hopeful. This dear Beloveds, is my wish for you. I love you. Mary

5-6-14 Be Love

Dear Ones, Appreciate the ones you love. You will never regret doing that extra kindness or taking the time to listen to a loved one. This loving kindness and connectedness is what will make for some of the greatest moments of your life. Moments when you shared love, gave love, showed love, were patient and kind. This goes for showing love towards any living thing, pets included. Be the love that you are. I love you. Mary


Dear Ones, How we approach life has to do with how we are feeling inside. What we see in the world reflects what we feel inside. So really, peace is an inside job. Love is too. If we feel loving, we will see the world as such also. Let God, me and the angels help you. Ask us, we are here. We want you to see the world as the magnificent loving place that we see. I love you. Mary


Dear Ones, If you are unable or unwilling (consciously or unconsciously) to feel all that there is to feel, it will surface when you least expect it. When this happens, feel it. Feel feel feel! Cry, grieve, scream, weep, feel and then you can let it go. Making room for all the joy that there is to behold in this lifetime! On planet earth. It takes courage to feel, and at times the emotions seem bottomless, but they aren’t. Feel and let go. When this is difficult, call me. I will bring you comfort. For this is my mission and purpose. I love you. Mary

5-3-14 It’s Simple

Dear Ones, It’s all very simple. Many have complicated things. Love is the answer to all questions. Peace is the path to spirit. You are surrounded by love. God is a loving creator. Be grateful, seek joy, forgive, and live in peace. This is my wish for you all, my beloved children. I love you, in infinite glory. Mary


Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. Be kind. Be kind to yourselves. Be kind to others. Think kind thoughts. Use kind words. Give praise. Give thanks. Give love. Show others, with your actions, how to love. This is very important and very beneficial to the human race. You can teach others how to act. I love you. Mary


Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. Trust is a beautiful thing. As a child trusts a loving parent, trust God. Have faith in him, and trust in his plan. Some events will not make sense to your thinking minds. That is okay. It’s all part of the beautiful tapestry which makes up the divine plan. And God’s love created it. It is very beautiful. In love and glory. Mary