Dear Ones, We have spoken about letting go. And about trust. We will again discuss this. When you really trust the divine creator (God) and you really truly and completely let go, you stop forcing  and stop working against the flow, miracles occur. So that when you trust and let go, your life can be the miracle that God intends it to be. Trust. Let go. Let the beauty that is your life, unfold. I love you, in infinite glory. Mary queen of angels



  1. Grace, thank you for the reblog. And thank you for helping to get Mary’s message out to the world! I appreciate your support. Sending 💕Pam

  2. Yes! All of my clients have difficulties letting go. I think that letting go requires both creating and destroying. Since destroying seems intimidating, people continue holding no tightly to something that no longer serves their purpose. I really love today’s message. It’s very reflecting and inspiring to everyone. Thank you P 🙂 ❤

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