7-5-14 Choices

Dear Ones, You can heal yourselves! Choose love, choose forgiveness, choose prayer and gratitude. The mental and emotional states effect the physical body more than scientists realize. Choose to dwell in a state of peace. No, it isn’t easy. But it is possible. Call me, I’m here. I want to help you live your greatest life possible. I have compassion and love for the human experience. I love you forevermore! Mary



    • Thank you for your comment. Mary encourages us to “feel it all.” She mentions this in her channel on 7-3. She always encourages us to honor and respect our human emotions. In this post, she is pointing out that we have choices about what we think about. We can complain, criticize and gripe, or we can choose peaceful loving thoughts and prayer! Sending love, light and blessings to you.

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